Children’s charities warn of Internet cancer

TUBGRILL, Goatse-by-Cam, Monday (NNN) — The Home Office and a coalition of children’s charities are seeking to block access to the Internet to save the populace from child pornography and Internet-borne cancers.

My Little Monster Pony“Only 95% of Internet users are protected from computer-borne paedophile cancers,” said Home Office Minister Alan Campbell. “We must bring the other 5% into line, despite their spurious claims of the fine British-designed Cleanfeed system being ‘completely incompetent broken crap that never worked in the first place.’

“It is clear that blocking all potentially illegal images is as easy as stopping people from sharing movies and music, which is a solved problem. We just block everything. This will then revive the newspapers and the record companies and thus the whole British economy, by the Mended Windows theory.”

Zoe fucking Hilton of the NSPCfuckingC concurred. “We need decisive action from the government to ensure our continued income. If you’re an ISP who doesn’t sign up with the IWF, you’re a fucking paedo. Paedo. Paedo. Paeeee-do. And you cause cancer, you fucking arsehole. HEY, EVERYONE! THERE’S A FUCKING PAEDO OVER HERE! And give us your fucking money, now. Paedo. I hope they fuck and kill you in jail.”

“The IWF has protected ISPs from government interference for over a decade and users from potentially illegal images,” said potentially fabulous drag queen and IWF head Peter Robbins. “Although our recent foray into actually attempting to do the impossible rather than just existing as something for ISPs to point at hasn’t gone so well, we must protect children from carcinogenic Olympic logos of Lisa Simpson being forced into sexual acts. Think of the cartoon characters!”

The Government has signalled it will block the “streaming” loophole by making it illegal not merely to download such images, but to think about them or consider their possible existence.

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The Internet causes cancer

BOG ALERTS, NHS Indirect, Friday (RT @NewsTechnicaUK) — Facebook and Twitter will give you cancer, says Dr Aric Sigman, a completely unbiased researcher from the University of Metro.

The Firefox girl will kill us allSocial networking sites “could raise your risk of serious health problems by reducing levels of face-to-face contact,” leaving you more susceptible to cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, influenza and rheumatoid arthritis. But not lupus. Instead, you should be spending your time breathing germs on the Tube and reading newspapers.

Cigarette breaks in most offices have been replaced with Facebook breaks, as users desperate for a hit take a moment to reject seven vampire invitations and relax a bit.

“It’s also a sign of autistic spectrum disorders and stuff,” said Dr Sigman. He pointed to a new “are you autistic?” test in this evening’s London Lite:

Do you prefer:
(a) sitting at home on your interweb like a nerdy no-mates goit?
(b) getting pissed down a strip club with the guys from marketing, like normal people?

“It’s obviously ludicrous rubbish,” said Internet socialite Hiram Nerdboy, well-known around Second Life for his sexy fox-with-breasts avatar. “Internet social networks don’t affect your health,” he noted, munching through his second pizza and two-litre Coke of the day and shifting his stomach folds to one side so as not to block the Skype microphone.

UK boy jailed in killing over XBox

SIM SUBURBS, Last Life, Friday (NNGadget) – In further proof of the evils of video games, Shane Boyd, 16, stabbed Conor Black to death with a Wiimote at a party in Manchester after Black tried to give him an XBox.

NHS computer with Red Ring of Death, er, Arrested IndicatorsThe PK then bragged to people at the party “STFU N00B FR@GG3D QQ.” Wii Fit rated his age at 70 after years of teenage drinking and smoking.

The judge said using a knife was no way to settle a row about a games console, suggesting a nice game of chess. “Dis Wii is propa nang, blad!” noted the killer. “I beg it join my cru. Dat hangin crump XBox is an insult.” The judge said he had a point, but sentenced Boyd to 11 years’ confinement with an Atari 2600 and a copy of Custer’s Revenge. “Red Ring indeed.”

Britain has seen a rise in violent street crime involving teenagers in the last year, with one youngster being pushed out a window, his attacker shouting “IT’S A PORTAL!” and later claiming “GladOS made me do it.”

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Cocaine cheaper than coffee in London

BROOKER,, Thursday (NNN) — London will soon suffer an influx of cheap cocaine, making a line less than £1 — cheaper than a cup of coffee.

Starbucks original cocaine logoDrug experts have warned of “Nathan Barleys from horizon to horizon” as irritating and self-obsessed twats take drugs designed to enhance irritating self-obsessed twattery.

Starbucks has announced plans to fight back against the newcomer, with its new Double Venti Nonfat Decaf Organic Heroin Iced Vanilla Double-Shot PCP Nosecandyccino Caffeinated Detergent Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Methamphetamine Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet’N Low, One Nutrasweet and One MDMA. The cocaine is guaranteed to be organically grown and Fairtrade™-certified. “A better deal for drug farmers.”

Economists are warning of a second dot-com new media revolution. “No money, just endless streams of droning voices talking about themselves at each other. It’ll be like the worst bits of 2000 all over again.”

“At least they won’t be able to get it up to reproduce,” said the International Narcotics Control Board. “Just talk for hours on end about how good it’ll be.”

Smokers, meanwhile, still huddled outside in the rain while random passers-by threw rotten tomatoes at them.

Hugo Chávez speeds up Bolivarian Revolution

RUHNAMA, Niyazov, Monday (NNN) — Hugo Chávez has promised to speed up “the construction of true socialism” in Venezuela now that he can stand for re-election indefinitely. “We have exploded the barriers to a permanent socialist revolution.”

Gold statue of Turkmenbashi“Chávez has changed Venezuela from the sky right down to the earth,” said the completely typical Venezuelan citizen our reporter was supplied with. “Now there are opportunities for all, from the richest to the most deprived. The people love him. We cannot go back.”

Chávez has already taken control of the country’s vast oil wealth, expropriated private landholdings and businesses and instituted a programme of deep social reforms. He has attacked the “distribution of wealth” problem by destroying as much of it as possible. After Chávez promised to nationalise the biggest power and phone companies, the Caracas Stock Exchange closed nearly 20% down, Electricidad de Caracas fell 25% and CA Nacional Telefonos was suspended from trading. The Venezuelan Bolivar has been replaced in common use with twigs and small rocks, which suddenly have much greater practical exchange value.

Chávez next wants to merge all his coalition partners into a single party, remove the opposition television channel, nationalise key businesses and rule by decree for a year. However, construction of a one-hundred-metre tall gold statue of himself in the Caracas city square that turns to follow the sun will be delayed until next year, and renaming the days of the week and months of the year after himself and his mother can wait until the year after.

Fidel Castro expressed his confidence that Chávez was in no danger from the US. “This is the CIA we’re talking about,” said Castro. “They could fuck up a wet dream. Hey, maybe they’ll try the exploding cigar trick again. That’s a good one.”

Inexplicably low ratings for digital channels

FIFTY-SEVEN CHANNELS, Neither Rare Nor Well-Done, forever (Mediocre Grauniad) — The heavily-promoted new series of Mad Men on BBC4 has failed to boost the channel’s ratings, with twenty-four viewers tuning in on Tuesday night, losing out to thirty-six viewers of ITV3’s Ladies of Letters and thirty-three for Sky Three’s reality TV hit I’m The Bottom Of A Barrel, Get Me Out Of Here.

Kill your televisionAll viewers turned out to be newspaper television critics, desperate for uncovered new areas to report on and anything at all to turn into copy.

The show was also beaten in the ratings by people’s dogs watching BBC Parliament, a YouTube video of a kitten jumping off a table and a nostalgic DVD of the little white dot fading into the distance you used to get on black-and-white televisions.

Advertisers are leaving in droves, turning down the opportunity to pay 50p for a half-hour infomercial on UKTV Home Shopping 7 and instead giving it to tramps to shout the product’s name at random commuters at bus stops.

TV executives blame BitTorrent downloads and the existence of computers in general for the decline in viewing figures and asked again for a chunk of the BBC license fee and a tax on all Internet connections, to be paid directly to them. And a pony. “Just keep giving us money, we’ll tell you when it’s enough.”

Blue Peter (fifty-eight viewers) will run tomorrow a special on how to make television ratings out of string, cheese, toilet rolls and cat litter. A grown-up will need to handle the scissors.

Share your precise whereabouts with hundreds of your very closest friends

THE PANOPTICON, Mountain View, all times everywhere (NNGadget) — Google, the world’s largest non-evil corporation, has released Stalkertude™, which allows you to share your location in real time with your dearest friends from all your social networks and blogs, that guy your friend gave your LiveJournal username to when you were both drunk and anyone you’ve ever sent or received a message to or from on GMail. And your boss.

Google SauronStalkertude™ allows you to broadcast where you are at all times. It supports all current smartphones except that stupid iThing from Cupertino. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can automatically share your location from your laptop too!

Stalkertude™ comes preinstalled on the Google Notepad netbook, a free Android-based mini-laptop to keep you connected wherever you go. The laptop maintains and archives a complete record of your life in text, video and audio form with the twelve built-in webcams and microphones dotted around the casing, plus samples of your DNA from the keys. The data is transmitted to the Google servers for your comfort and convenience and remains absolutely and entirely confidential between you and Google’s marketing department. Tasteful and understated text ads are subliminally woven into the display pixels.

Privacy features are important to Stalkertude™. You can trust us with your entire life record, even as we argue in court over Google StreetView that privacy doesn’t exist in the modern world. Besides, better we have your complete dossier than Microsoft, right? And we’ll only give it to the government if they, like, ask for it or something. That we’ve gathered so much data on you in the first place is in no way a danger to you. We promise we won’t tell your husband, and that’s what counts.

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Female bishops set to utterly destroy the Church of England in 2014

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH, Dibley, Thursday (NNN) — The Church of England General Synod is preparing rules to appoint women as bishops.

Pink church in Hassall GreenTraditionalists and Anglo-Catholics were “bruised and angry” at the move. “Next they’ll reveal Jesus was a woman,” said the Rev Canon Simon Killwick. “A gay one! Or Jewish! Or not white and blue-eyed! Dogs and cats, living together! Gay female ones! Ordaining people!”

The traditionalist argument is that Jesus had no female disciples, Mary Magdalene and He being “just good friends, honest.” Also, girls have cooties.

“I am not a misogynist,” said George Austin, former Archdeacon of York. “Women have a hugely important role to play in the Church, doing the flowers or making the tea. Darling little creatures. Henry VIII consulted St. Paul personally on this matter and Paul agreed that when schisming a church so you can get your marriage annulled, you must at all costs keep women out of things.”

The Rev Nezlin Sterling said, “Why should we Christians walk on eggshells to preserve community cohesion and accommodate everyone else when the world around us is being aggressive towards Christianity? Burn the buses! Death to the bus drivers!”

The Bishop of Norwich, Graham James, said the draft law would wreak havoc on the Church. “What I see before me in the proposed legislation is an episcopacy so damaged and fractured as to be scarcely worthy of the name.”

“Eeexcellent,” said Professor Richard Dawkins, stroking a white kitten.

David Cameron is sorry that Gordon Brown is a one-eyed Scottish idiot

THE COMMONS ROOM, Lo-Fi High, Thursday (NNN) — David Cameron apologised today after an overeager Conservative HQ staff member altered a Wikipedia entry to help him score a debating point in Parliament.

Bouncy Wikipedia logo in David Cameron’s face“It says in Wikipedia you’re a ‘one-eyed Scottish idiot,'” said Mr Cameron at Parliamentary Question Time. Later, a Tory staffer edited Mr Brown’s entry to note that Mr Brown was a “one-eyed Scottish idiot,” including references from, and adding a “citation needed” tag as “there’s some dispute among academics.”

Mr Cameron retracted the comment after a barrage of criticism from politicians, disability groups and Wikipedia editors. “We believe the comparison of idiots to Gordon Brown constitutes incivility and a personal attack on all Wikipedians,” said administrator JClarkson451, “and have forwarded the matter to the Arbitration Committee.”

Scottish politicians have urged Mr Cameron be censured for insinuating Mr Brown was in any way linked with Scotland, an obvious national insult to that nice Scotsman Mr Blair.

Carol Thatcher called the controversy a storm in a teacup, but sent Mr Brown a cuddly golliwog doll to comfort him in these dark economic times.

“The Scottish Job” cliffhanger solved

THE MEMORY HOLE, London EC1, Monday (NNN) — The ringleaders of a gang of bank robbers who operated with impunity for years have been brought to account before a Treasury Select Committee.

Royal Bank of Scotland cliffhangerTom “Orange” McKillop, Andy “Pretty Boy” Hornby and Fred “Nosecutter” Goodwin of the “RBS Massive” led a vast criminal conspiracy dedicated to skimming off huge amounts of dosh through veiled threats of “dat’s a very noice small business you got dere, shame if its cashflow got buggered, innit,” “loans” to shadow “property” and “construction” companies they owned large chunks of, and a twisty maze of Excel spreadsheets.

They and their lieutenants took for themselves more “bonuses” every time they destroyed more economic value from their hideout in the industrial wastelands of London EC1.

The gang members were severely tutted at by Alistair Darling and the Financial Services Authority. The criminals having apologised, this is expected to be an end to the matter, as is standard for jawdropping bank heists. They have also undertaken not to leech off any more cash. This year. Probably.

“Hang on a minute, lads, I’ve got a great idea!” said Gordon Brown at Davos last fortnight.