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Written by David Gerard. I have a large pile of these things I did for Uncyclopedia UnNews as well.

I write this stuff by seeing what’s on Google News or the BBC that day that starts an idea (or drives me into telly-smashing RAAAAGE). Scribble something in a text editor (usually Google Docs), find a suitable picture on Wikimedia Commons or Flickr (paying due attention to licensing), or get a famous image and claim fair use for parody, and manipulate it in the GIMP. Then post.

If you like a story, please do tell your friends, send the link around, click “I like it!” in StumbleUpon, click the little “Spread the love” buttons to post it to your other hangouts, etc!

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I thought the server was running Ubuntu, but it’s increasingly clear it’s actually running this.

(News of the News died of a senile host. Everything has been rescued. No, I still haven’t updated all the photos.)

4 thoughts on “About NewsTechnica”

  1. I have an ad blocker, so I was a bit weirded out that an ad popped up in the center of one of your stories.
    Then I saw your site’s logo in the picture.

    Mocking abortion through the use of an actual picture of a fetus with a coat hanger is one of the most disturbing things I have come across.

    Even 4chan has more taste than you.

    -Lost reader

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