Microsoft UK launches MSN MusicTurd™ service

BOLGIAS 8 AND 9, Pit of Despair, Friday (NNGadget) — In a bid to win back profits after huge layoffs worldwide, Microsoft UK has launched MSN MusicTurd™ for mobile phones.

Microsoft Zune “Anus” logoThe highly competitive music store offers tracks at twice the price, DRM-locked to a chosen individual ear of the purchaser. If they can get it to work with their phone. Microsoft were careful to point out to the financial press that charging your account, however, works perfectly and that the helpline number has been connected to a fax machine.

Microsoft is confident the MusicTurd™ service will attract millions of people who will buy tracks from them to play on one mobile ever, not transferable to any other device including the same phone’s replacement, in preference to stores offering cheaper unlocked MP3s, and won’t just drive people to filesharing networks, MP3 blogs or copying 500 gigabyte USB disks full of music from their friends in sheer disgust at these corporate tools.

“We understand that lots of people use telephones they carry around with them these days,” said Hugh Griffiths, Microsoft UK head of Mobile, “and you can even play music on them. A bit like a transistor radio. Whatever will they think of next! So if we get the consumer interest, we’ll offer an enhanced version, MusicTurd™ Polished™. Like we’re doing with Windows 7. You can’t expect it to be any good until the third version, of course. So buy the first two and it’ll be fantastic. Trust us on this. We have hundreds of loyal suck, er, customers on the MSN website, I’m sure we can squeeze them until the pips rattle.

“What do you mean, I’m lacking enthusiasm for our product? You’d think I was trying to get redundancy in the next round of layoffs or something. Ha! Ha! What a ridiculous notion.”

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