Intel demonstrates wireless power for the home

INTEL CASTLE, Transylvania, Friday (NNGadget) — A future without batteries — no need to charge phones or MP3 players, or even electric cars. No lost phone chargers, no running out of power sockets. Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner demonstrated a Wireless Energy Resonant Link as he spoke at the annual Intel developers forum in San Francisco yesterday.

FrankensteinRattner demonstrated this by causing his ears to light up at 60 watts of power a yard from a power transmitter operated by his assistant Igor. Only four journalists were incinerated when the power earthed through them from his fingertips.

Rattner reassured us that pumping kilowatts of power around the home through magnetic induction power is absolutely harmless. “The human body is not affected by magnetic fields,” he said as one journalist with a pacemaker collapsed and another with a knee replacement watched his leg catch fire. “There’s no danger whatsoever from it, any more than there is from mobile phones cooking your brain, microwave leakage blinding you, chemical waste unraveling all the DNA in your balls or statistical clusters of kids with cancer wherever high-tension power lines run overhead. Asbestos and thalidomide were horribly slandered in their day too.”

“Of course, Nikola Tesla did it first in 1899,” said enthusiast Albert Tedious-Anorak, 54, of Little Boring. “I detailed this at length on Wikipedia, but they refused to believe the value of my revelations on this matter due to a conspiracy of Edison fans amongst the site administrators.”

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2 thoughts on “Intel demonstrates wireless power for the home”

  1. Oddly enough Tesla did invent this very thing, its not new, far from it in fact. However I must protest the argument of things people here do not know.

    More to the point it is not so much the energy being transmitted so much as the resistance it will encounter. Transmitting energy through the air as pure electron shift (like that found in a wire) is far harder because the air is gasseous and electron bumping is far harder to pull off. Technically speaking such energy transference isn’t dangerous as the amperage is too small to make much difference thus the energy loss. However, my concern is the type of secondary radiation created through this system, and off course distance has a major part in how efficient such a device is.

    On a different note, it is not the amount of EM field exposure you have its what kind that matters. Humans have a natural EM field which can be interrupted by strong enough and or confined enough EM fields. So though you may be bombarded with various EM fields in a buisness building or school, such EM fields are more or less harmless and no where near as strong as what is needed to do damage to the central nervous system. This is not the case when it comes to low amperage high voltage power lines. The lower resistance of a material or amperage and the higher the voltage sent, the greater the magnetic field or EM field. Living near and around such powerlines for extended has been shown to cause two major problems; EM degregation in the lower nervous system of the body, and synaptic degregation in the higher nervous system. Motor function, reaction time, and over all thought processes can be heavily effected by such exposure.

    This is why we still have the debate about cellular phone usage and the damages it can cause. Now unlike high powered phone lines we are talking milliamp outputs with very low voltage, where the phone’s EM field instead of completely interrupting the nervous system it just interacts causing short term degregation. Extended phone use may cause subtle changes in the localized affected area (normally around the ear and sometimes deeper). These effects can cause oddities to occur, sudden ringing in the ear or constant ringing, eye lid twitch, and even varying auto-response in the affected senses.

    The concern we see here stems from our still lacking understanding of how the nervous system will be impacted upon with long term exposure. It could become overly damaged or become resistant to the EM field. Its like taking a taser to the leg every day for the next three years. Either you become resistant to the shock and it no longer works (which is like 1% of all people tazered) or the nervous system becomes so damages that it no longer functions.

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