Obama speech fills ears of mere children with vile propaganda

THE MANCUNIAN CANDIDATE, Kenyawaii, Tuesday (NNN) — Republican fears over Barack Obama’s back-to-school speech to students have not been quelled by the release of the text.

Verne P. Kaub: Communist-Socialist Propaganda in American SchoolsMr Obama tells students to work hard, set goals, take responsibility for their own future, be self-reliant and diligently pursue the fruits of capitalism and free enterprise. “To hear this coming from a Democrat is obvious Communism,” said Glenn Beck on Fox News. “Obama is literally Stalin.”

“The speech was reasoned, sensible and apolitical,” said Oklahoma State Senator Steve Russell. “This is just an attempt to propagandise Obama as sane and normal, not as the slavering destroyer of humanity we know he is. They might see what he actually looks and talks like, not just what Fox says about him! You’d think we were in socialist North Kenya.”

Others have protested that Mr Obama’s advice to students to stay in school will only increase the possibility of exposure to liberal propaganda. In Minnesota, the state’s Association of School Administrators recommended against showing the president’s speech. “He didn’t scream abuse off-camera, swear unholy vengeance against his opponents or burst into tears once! What happens if students see a politician being calm and low-key talking about the future? They’ll think that’s how you talk about political matters! They’ll think there’s reasonable discussion with the enemy, grey areas, moral relativism. It’s just a short step from there to death panels voting on Kenyan gay marriages.”

“He credited the XBox and iPhone,” said Sarah Palin. “This is a clear attempt to further the Marxist agenda of Democrat Party liberals who’ve used evilution to grow thumbs.”

3 thoughts on “Obama speech fills ears of mere children with vile propaganda”

  1. Ha…..I couldn’t tell sometimes if you were being serious or just hilariously sarcastic…..You got some great stuff on here, but the Kenyan Gay marriages really got me laughing pretty good…..Keep up the great work…..

  2. yeah, it wasn’t exactly the kind of speech we were expecting. George W pulled the same thing during his presidency and received much opposition from the left but he didn’t receive HALF the opposition Obama received…interesting, isn’t it?

    -thrive blog author

  3. Oh my gosh, they put Greta up to posing the question if the newspapers (one that she could find anyway) would be as harsh on Obama the day after as they were on George Bush way back when…they can’t even hear themselves.

    This was a good commentary on the Texas school that wouldn’t show the speech but that has a school trip planned the end of the month to see George and Laura Bush.


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