“Save Vista” campaign gathers momentum

LONGHORN RANCH, Glue Factory, Monday (NNGadget) — With the release of Windows 7 set for October 23rd, Microsoft marketing marketer Richard Francis has said computer manufacturers may not be able to ship Vista once Windows 7 is available.

BTI Explosive Breaching Free-Standing DoorOutrage at the news was rapid. Microsoft quickly backtracked, claiming Vista would remain available until at least 2011 (“we kept 98 support up for 18 months when XP was out”), but customers were not mollified by promises that Windows 7 buyers would be allowed to downgrade (“we call it an upgrade”) to Vista.

A “Save Vista” campaign has been organised by InfoWorld. “We detected a deep anxiety over Vista among technologists and consumers alike,” said editor Galen Gruman. “We decided to do something about it, launching a petition drive to ask Microsoft to keep selling Vista after the planned October 23 end-of-sales date.” The petition has already gathered over ten signatures. “‘Seven’ is just sucking up to latté sippers. Like Hummer, like Chrysler, like Edsel, Vista is a great American name that shows the might of full-sized American industrial production. It’s a monument to everything that makes us the country we are.”

“Save Vista” latest signatories
• L. Torvalds Portland
• S. Jobs Cupertino
• M. Shuttleworth London

“My computer business employs 200 people,” said M. Shuttleworth of London. “The best possible thing for it is to make sure Vista continues and goes forward.”

“Just how long was extended support for Microsoft’s greatest success ever, Windows ME?” said Gruman. “Microsoft talks about Windows 98 as being succeeded by XP — just as if ME never existed! ME’s many, many fans will be outraged at such an omission, and we’re afraid they’ll treat Vista, Microsoft’s second-greatest success ever, the same way.

“And how about extended support for Microsoft’s third-greatest success ever, Microsoft Bob? By the wife of the founder, no less! I think we should be told.”

2 thoughts on ““Save Vista” campaign gathers momentum”

  1. dont just axe it… it on over 200 million pc’s… mine included it just turned stable enough only a year ago… and is working like a champ! well as long as 7’s architecture i the same then i guess driver support can still be applied..

  2. Will microsoft offer vista as a downgrade to 7 if not then it means that they are crazy and would upset more users of their systems, the vista users who have been forced off of XP will be even more upset when they cant get vista for their departments anymore and 7 has a few graphic issues that will make it a nightmare for older people. Microsoft should offer vista as a downgrade and offering XP as the only downgrade to 7 is applying double standards.

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