Obama and the Queen conspire to violate copyright

LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY, The Revolution Will Be Podcast, Friday (NNN) — During their private meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama gave the monarch a personalized iPod with video footage of her 2007 visit to Washington and Virginia and preloaded with 40 show tunes, in blatant violation of copyright law.

God save the Queen and her iPodThe 9000-word iTunes or Amazon MP3 contracts establish licensing, not ownership, of the file, for personal, not commercial or diplomatic use. Furthermore, should the Queen connect her new iPod to a computer, further copies will be made, in direct contravention of British law.

“It’s okay!” said Mr Obama. “As Nixon said, ‘if the President does it that means it’s not illegal.’ And you can’t sue the Queen anyway. So we’re sweet with ACTA. Even if you aren’t.”

“One is delighted with one’s gift,” said Her Majesty. “It helps block that dreadful Italian fellow. Our grandchildren have also assisted us in ‘downloading’ our Coronation from ‘The Pirate Bay.’ What will they think of next!”

Songs include “Pass the Duchy”, “We Are The Champions”, “Public Image” and, of course, “Black President,” which Michelle and Elizabeth “cut a rug” to arm in arm.

“I know I got them RIAA bozos in the house,” said Mr Obama. “Joe’s pals. But one word from me and her Royal Highness here and they’ll be less popular than bankers. Word.”

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One thought on “Obama and the Queen conspire to violate copyright”

  1. Hahah, I like the dogPod too. Or is it just a dog tag?

    Another song that should be on her iPod include “Loadsamoney” plus loads of other ones I can’t think of right now, but I’m sure if one of the papers got hold of this they’d do a “top 50 songs that should be on the Queen’s iPod”.

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