Fritzl is a disgrace to Australia and probably a greenie

Guest post by Andrew Bolt

Queen Josef Fritzl of AustraliaIt scares us stupid that random evil exists — and in people who can look as normal as our neighbours, even as they try to sabotage the machinery of civilisation. No wonder we now hear pathetic theories from global warming activist soft cocks to explain Josef Fritzl as a “blot on the Australian psyche” and “a mere aberration.”

The evil of greenie fire-lighting tree-buggering climate Nazis is boundless. Much more comforting to think there are reasons. But Josef Fritzl is not a product of a culture, but of a malignant biochemistry we do not understand, or ascribe simply to a lack of health-giving chemicals in our air and water.

That’s not what people want to hear — that in our streets lived Fritzl, capable of imprisoning his daughter in a cellar lit by energy-efficient bulbs, burning down Victoria and trying to stop you owning a four-wheel drive. But perhaps it’s the only thing we can learn from the Fritzl case — the only lesson that may just leave our children safer and ready for a world with vastly improved weather.

Evil can occur anywhere, and sometimes in people who wash and don’t have dreadlocks. We cannot let this realisation overwhelm us, but we can and must not be so trusting as to believe the devil is stuck in Australia. The cries you hear from next door may be his work, too. Pay heed.

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5 thoughts on “Fritzl is a disgrace to Australia and probably a greenie”

  1. Please tell me that there aren’t people who think the Fritzl case happened in Australia. (What an Australian name he has.)

  2. Why the hell are so people saying he’s australian, am I missing a joke or something – or are a lot of people completely retarded.
    To the writer of this crap article – you are a thick cunt!

    And as Nix points out….his name is Fritzl for gods sake.

  3. You gotta be kidding me??? How can Andrew Bolt be so stupid, some wannabe journalist you are! Did you even bother to research this article you brainless twat? Austria is NOT Australia, it’s not even IN Australia or anywhere near it. For Christ sake someone get this guy a fucking globe! I am reminded of what my grandfather used to say – It is ill mannered to silence a fool, and cruelty to let him go on!

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