Windows 7’s biggest threat: journalists

ZDNET.MICROSOFT.COM, Blogosphere.NET, Wednesday (NNGadget) — As Microsoft continues to prepare for the 2009 2010 launch of Windows 7, it today issued a plea through its network of objective opinion-shapers: Don’t let the journalists near it.

Microsoft MSDN software disk scarecrow in cornfield“We understand that many journalists use Macs,” said CNet marketing marketer Don Reisinger. “This means they necessarily suckle at the Satanic rear passage of Steve Jobs. We cannot countenance their bias. Journalists are responsible for all those signs outside computer shops offering to replace Vista with XP. When was the last time you saw the entire technology field stop and wait for an announcement from any other company besides Apple? It’s so unfair!”

Smears and slanders also come from obsessive overweight nerdy Mac-using Linux geek troublemakers who run “benchmarks” and “tests.” “It’s horrifying bias from the ‘reality’-based community,” said ZDNet marketing marketer Mary Jo Enderle. “We understand that, just because Vista was 40% slower than XP and Windows 7 is the same speed as Vista, the nattering nabobs of negativism are already writing press releases condemning it as ‘not enough of an improvement.’ It’s so unfair!”

“Mactards are like concentration camp guards,” said Guardian marketing marketer Jack Schofield, “brutalising ‘I’m A PC’ users and” [This comment has been removed by a Guardian moderator. Replies may also be deleted.]

“The only reason Vista failed was because Microsoft planned for it to fail,” said Reisinger in an earlier ad-banner troll post. “It was a fantastically subtle double-bluff! They did the honorable thing in the face of the vile calumnies spread by Apple. It’s so unfair!”

Microsoft will be debuting Windows 7 on a new 17″ Asus Eee Ultra-Portable Mini-Netbook with 8GB memory and a 2GHz quad-core processor. Battery life is up to twenty minutes in preliminary tests.

3 thoughts on “Windows 7’s biggest threat: journalists”

  1. One question that is still unanswered about the “Windows Mojave” ads is “what kind of computers are they?” these ‘random’ people they have on the ads clearly know very little about computers. I have only seen rumors so far about the “Mojave PCs” (claiming they had an overclocked 4.0 – 5.0 GHz Quad core{s} CPU{s}, four – sixteen gigabytes ram, one – two gigabyte{s} video card{s}, and multiple SSD’s on a RAID 0 controller) and no word from Microsoft about it. The rumors and questions I see in regards to the “Mojave PC’s” are in about 75% of the forums I have visited on Vista. It would seem to me that the typical user would not have the same views about Vista as say a gamer, programmer, or others who would being really pushing the CPU and GPU maybe even the sound card to the maximum. My view of a typical PC user being one who mostly uses the computer from internet (Ie, AOL, so on), flash games (Pogo and such) and other minimal type tasks. Also the bulk of the negative remarks ‘seem’ to be coming from Apple/Linux fanboys as most are followed by a statement about how great Apple/Linux is, Never ever take advice on anything from a fanboy, they only show the good about “their” product and the bad about the others (be it an OS, car, bike, video game console and so on). Vista may not be as good as XP by any means but many stores (Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Office Max) let you try the product in stores so try Vista and form your own opinion but basically if you use intense programs like cutting edge games or 3d rendering you want to avoid Vista (and Windows “7”) if you mainly use your PC for surfing the net, watching movies on youtube, typing in word pad and so on Vista is not the pile others will tell you it is. Now as for the Apple and Linux fanboys I have used Mac OS X (Apple) and Ubuntu Linux I was impressed by many of the features of OS X but the lack of third party software in contrast to Windows XP left me wanting and customer support acts like you are bothering them when you call, and Linux for the ‘typical’ user is very hard to get comfortable with, plus the fact that you can not just go to a store a purchase programs. Just installing and using programs for a user with little computer skills can be a daughnting and even impossible task with no tech support save for forums but they can be of little help in some cases and “seeking” information on performing a task as basic a installing a new program is not something a basic user is willing to accept regardless of if the OS is free or cost $350 most will buy an OS that is “idiot proof” and has tons of third party support. So in closing for basic users XP, Vista, and OS X will all get you on the internet, play music, movies, and basic game fine. For middle of the road user Vista and Linux okay but XP and OS X are better. For “extreme” user Vista and Linux are bad, XP is good, so is OS X but make sure the games or programs you want are an option before you buy one.

  2. I always suspected that most of the crappy stuff you read about MS was motivated by Apple, at least in part. Looks like it may be right after all. This, after MS bailed Apple in the ’90s.

  3. MS didn’t bail Apple out. MS copied Apple’s interface for Windows. They’ve been following Apple’s and Sony’s leads ever since. (Zune, Xbox, the new web store nobody remembers…) Microsoft has made a fortune out of a business strategy of “never invent anything — follow the leads”. Who cares.

    BTW, I use Windows, OS X, and Linux, and I have use for them all. And Microsoft is no worse than Google, Apple, or any other megacorp.

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