Socialist Muslim Obama meets Atheist hate groups to destroy US

DEATH PANEL, American Heartland, the End Times (NTN) — As part of ongoing efforts to destroy everything America stands for, foreign-born election stealer Barack Hussein Obama openly conspired at the White House on Friday with his liberal Atheist masters.

I, RobotRepresentatives of the Secular Coalition for America, an umbrella group which includes American Atheists, the Council for Secular Humanism and a bloodthirsty coalition of Communists, Feminazis, Homosexuals, Evolutionists, Readers and other unAmericans, visited the White House Friday, in “the first time in history a presidential administration has met for a policy briefing with the American nontheist community, so as to better ruin the economy, your lives and your community.”

President Barack Obama was not scheduled to make an appearance at the meeting, but it is understood that he was to take clear direction from his French controllers.

“It is one thing for Administration to meet with groups of varying viewpoints,” said Council Nedd of In God We Trust, “but it is quite another to sit down with one we disapprove of. These are some of the most hate-filled, anti-religious groups in the nation. It is clear that Mr Hussein Obama will send all good, true and decent Americans to concentration camps, where those failing the literacy test will be sent to the gas chamber. The bankers who destroyed the economy were Atheists! Well. Jews. Same thing.”

Over 13 percent of the population is considered “non-religious,” an even greater number than alleged homosexuals and evolutionists. The atheists advocate such destructive notions as separation of Church and State, considered responses rather than gut reactions to crises and a minimum fifth-grade reading level for all. In addition, they are thought to favour the use of logic, consistency and joined-up thinking.

“I was religious before,” said Mr Obama, “but you people are the best evidence I’ve ever seen that there is no God.”

17 thoughts on “Socialist Muslim Obama meets Atheist hate groups to destroy US”

  1. It just show’s that what I have thought about Obama from the first day I heard this charasmatic person speak, I knew that he was a secret communist. It was something I felt in my heart, so for me to beleive that Obama beleives like those who beleives not in a God, does not surprise me at all. This is just one reason our economy is tanking, and the moral of the people is as well. America has NO leader, and the one that suppose to be our leader is just leading us further and farther down the road towards hell. Also, what I have never been able to understand is, why does a group that calls themselves, free thinkers, (Atheist), can argue or even stop everything those who do beleive in a God? Why argue about something that you don’t beleive in? That to me is a mind blower, just like Obama is a Free democracy destroyer.

  2. There is not one ounce of truth to this article it’s actually laughable, paranoid and not even fit for FOX news the propaganda station. First of all I don’t know where you got your numbers from but for the record 49% of the population believe in “Evolution;” 48% do not; 2% have no opinion. Second of all the idiot bankers that helped send the US into a recession are indeed religious. Bernard Madoff is Jewish, the people that ran Lehman Brothers are also Christians and Jewish, the list is much too extensive to list however rest assured the majority of people that lost my money are of one faith or another.

    I am an atheist, socialist human secularist and I assure you President Obama is not, I rather wish he was he might get something done.

    All of that being said it doesn’t matter to me very much as I no longer live in the USA as I saw all of this coming and if people would get their heads out of the clouds come back to earth lose the dogma and superstition we may again someday be a great nation.

  3. David, what would you consider proof? Do you understand there is a very big difference between a communist and and a socialist? There is also a very big difference between a socialist ie. the Green Party and a Democratic Socialist ie. Socialist Party of America. As far as calling the president a Nazi well, that is just pure ignorance the Nazi party AKA National Socialist Movement is a Neo-Nazi movement which is nothing but a glorified hate group. The United States is in fact a Democratic Republic not a pure democracy and it hinges on Democratic Socialism as far as proof of this goes, we have a welfare system, public schools, police, fire and rescue service, Social Security, Medicare, free health care for the poor. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia are in fact commonwealths not states, Hawaii does have socialized health care and is free for anyone that goes to the hospital period. Alaska pays it’s citizens between $2,000 and $3,000 per year just for living there for every man woman and child I have heard that the payment is to increase to $4,000 or more.

    So, I ask you again what do you want me to prove?

  4. I look at the people in my country and I’m not sure what is serious any more, we are the laughing stock of the world. If this is intended to be funny just turn on FOX news and watch it live! The worst thing is the people believe it.

  5. From over here in England-land, the above counts as “obviously ludicrous exaggeration.” On the other hand, I have read World Net Daily so can see how it can be hard to tell in practice.

  6. All I can say is wow. There were people on BOTH sides who actually took this article seriously? I started laughing as soon as I saw the title.

    Chris says that you can see this on Fox news, but I suspect the army of people who accuse Fox of publishing stories as farcical as this one have never watched it. Of course Fox’s claim of “Fair and balanced” is completely ridiculous, but there isn’t a single news station in the US that could reasonably claim to be balanced. Fox news just happens to lean in the opposite direction from the rest. Taking CNN as the middle ground will of course make Fox look completely nuts, but the truth lies somewhere between the two stations.

  7. It must be getting insane over in the US when what would normally be a blatantly exagerated satircal news article can’t be exagerated enough so the locals know it’s a joke. It must be hard to keep perspective.

  8. I saw a congressmen in a new clip tell the American people to pray to “God” and ask for “supernatural intervention” (not “divine intervention” which it should actually be keeping the myth straight)to keep the health plan from passing. How scary is that? I also saw a congressmen a few month ago say not to worry about global warming because ‘the Earth can’t be destroyed until Jesus comes again and God won’t let anything happen until then’.

    The article above is exactly the kind of thing they are reporting on FOX news and these people are crazy. I am very concerned where the USA is headed if the rest of the world is lucky they will go back to the dark ages and destroy all of the technology and read their Bibles and wait for Jesus. If not we are in for a hell of a war.

    I know what I’m saying may sound blown out of prospective or proportion but have a look at Real Time with Bill Maher or The Daily Show with John Stewart, who by the way was voted most trustworthy reporter in the USA AND IT”S A COMEDY SHOW FOR CHRIST SAKE!

  9. when I heard that guy was voted best reporter, I believed voters were saying something (amusing but serious) about journalsm. Most (ie. tabloid) journalsm to be full of in-jokes from writers and subs, but then.. who knows what most readers will male of it.

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