Millions made redundant as Facebook automated

MONDAY MORNING, In A Human Face Forever, Monday (NNGadget) — Millions of British workers are to be made redundant as companies install robotic Facebook readers, with F5-clicking robot arms, in the workplace to save human time interacting with social networks.

Automated robot Facebook browser“Computers are in the workplace to improve our economic efficiency,” said killjoy researcher Chris MacKenzie. “We thought companies would really go for something that would give an actual reason to lay off complete wastes of space without all that tedious waiting for them to post their tits or publicly slag off their boss.”

Additional functionality includes posting to Twitter through that page someone made that looks like a spreadsheet and looking up the anatomy photos on Wikipedia so IT won’t flag it trying to go to porn sites at work.

“The next model is showing great promise — it talks about football and last night’s telly in the breakroom with the other computers, automatically drinks tea and never tells Facilties about the tea bags running out, and nips off to the bogs for a sly tug over porn on its iPhone when things are quiet. And do you think you’ll get a drop of work out of it on Friday afternoon after it’s been down the pub drowning its peripherals with the other ’bots? I don’t bloody think so.”

The only barrier to adoption may be the threat of redundancy for large swathes of senior management should the software be adapted to 19″ Sony Vaio laptops. However, many workers who actually work at work were clamouring for a version that would automatically translate scientific papers from English to Faeces-Flinging Monkey and back and find funny videos on YouTube, thus enabling it to both write and read Metro and London Lite and saving everyone else the trouble.

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  1. Now, where’s the fun in that? Geesh, I really enjoy waisting time on Facebook, tending my farms, and killing off my fishies…LOL…how accurate can they make these robots?

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