Peter Murphy bowled over by 3D Maxell custard pie

The famous 1980s advertisement for Maxell cassettes, starring Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. The poster asserts that the use of this image is fair use under US law for purposes of political and satirical commentary.

2 thoughts on “Peter Murphy bowled over by 3D Maxell custard pie”

  1. That’s not Pete Murphy.
    Mr Murphy was the model employed for the UK promotional materials for Maxell. The UK/Murphy photo’s & video feature three ‘flying ducks’ on the back wall and the lamp is hanging from the ceiling. Also Murphy is far more upright in the Corbusier chair. Probably didn’t want to hide his cheekbones.
    Your picture shows the (altered) original photograph by Steve Steigman used in the US. The model in this photograph was a make-up artist originally hired for the shoot named Jack, as Steigman thought his hair suited the image he was after.

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